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Heather Hunter “I Want It All Night Long” Heather Hunter:
“I Want It All Night Long”
Porn star turned pop star Heather Hunter performs her first single “I Want It All Night Long”. Video by Gerard Damiano

Porn Star Heather Hunter crossed into the main stream with this single, produced by Def jam records. Gerard Damiano Jr., who had directed her in “Heather’s Home Movies”, created the video. Using existing footage by photographer Adrian Buckmaster, featuring Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (later Mr. Eko from the TV series “Lost”), Damiano collaborated with director Demian Lichtenstein (3,000 miles to Graceland) to produce the club scenes which he edited into the final video. Deemed too racy for MTV, “I Want It All Night Long” was one of the top videos on BET in 1993.

“I Want It All Night Long” © Def Jam Records
1993 Total Run Time: 3:52

Bruce Gora: A Life Well Lived “Bruce Gora: A Life Well Lived” The life and work of Bruce Gora set to a sound track of live recordings of Bruce and his longtime collaborators “The Juice”.

Bruce Gora: “A Life Well Lived”

Husband, Father, Architect, Photographer, Musician... Bruce Gora touched the lives of all those that he came in contact with.
This short film by Gerard Damiano provides a glimpse into his life set to a sound track of live recordings of Bruce and his long time collaborators “The Juice”.

Video by Gerard Damiano © Gerard Damiano and Carolyn Gora
All Music © The Juice
2010 Total Run Time: 7:44
ArtRoyale 2007 The Games People Play ArtRoyale 2007
The Games People Play
ArtRoyale was a fundraising event for the Lee County Alliance of The Arts in Fort Myers, Florida
ArtRoyale was a fundraising event for the Lee County Alliance of The Arts in Fort Myers, Florida. Begun in 2003 by Aida Bukovica, this annual event united artists and musicians of all disciplines, together with patrons, and the community. During it’s 6 year run, it succeeded in raising a significant amount of money for the beloved art center. These videos created by Gerard Damiano, document the collaborations between artist, performer, and musician. The videos themselves are a product of the ArtRoyale Media Collective, and in accordance with guidelines set forth by Creative Commons, may be downloaded, sampled and re-used in further collaborations.

bna Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
"Tidal Pool" performed by Conjure One, written by Rhys Fulber © Nettwerk Productions
"Catabolism (Efdemin Mix)" performed by Henry & Denis, written by Denis Karimani, Henry Stamerjohann © Stomp Pty Ltd.
2007 Total Run Time: 3:55
2006 The Opening of Bonfire of Vanity "The Opening of Bonfire of Vanity" Opening Night at Gerard Damiano’s "Bonfire of Vanity" exhibition at Arts for ACT Gallery in Fort Myers, May 5th, 2006

"The Opening of Bonfire of Vanity"

Patrons and party goers got more then they bargained for at the opening of "Bonfire of Vanity", a show at the Arts for ACT gallery in downtown Ft. Myers. More than 300 people attended the show of drawings, paintings, photos and prints by Gerard Damiano.

ACT (Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc.) is a non-profit agency established to aid victims of domestic violence, and survivors of sexual assault.
Videography by Ilene Saffron, Edited by Gerard Damiano

"Tres Tres Chic" performed by Mocean Worker, written by Adam Dornblum & Gary McFarland, © Parkland Music Inc., Slugwell Music "Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean" performed by Sheila Chandra, written by Stephen Coe, © EMI Virgin Music LTD, Indipop Music "Headphones" performed by Björk, written by Björk Gudmundsdottir & Adrian Thaws, © Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

bjn Attribution-NonCommercial
2006 Total Run Time: 5:33
ArtRoyale 2007 The Games People Play “Another Day at BookLinks” A surreal educational publishing musical, directed, edited and co-written by Gerard Damiano Jr.
“Another Day at BookLinks” has been billed as a “Surreal Publishing Musical”.
This short feature, created for the educational publishing industry, depicts a day in the life of "Everyworker" Steve, and his quest to satisfy a typical client who needed their job done yesterday. Filmed on location in Queens, New York (the most culturally diverse place on earth), and San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, “Another Day at BookLinks” employs traditional claymation techniques as Steve enlists all the members of his company to achieve the impossible. Gerard Damiano Jr. (originally hired as the storyboard artist), directed, co-wrote, and edited this surprising industrial film.
2005 Total Run Time: 9:20
ArtRoyale 2007 The Games People Play RNC in NYC Images captured over 5 days on the streets of New York during the 2004 Republican National Convention, show a city rising up in protest.
In the Summer of 2004, the Republican Party held it’s convention in New York to ceremoniously nominate George W. Bush for a second term. With peaceful protests, demonstrations, art events and installations spread across 5 boroughs, the whole city seemed to rise up against them. Gerard Damiano spent 5 days on the streets documenting these events. This video focuses on graffiti and street art, set to the tune of the Beastie Boys' Anti-Bush Anthem “In a World Gone Mad”.

“In a World Gone Mad” performed by The Beastie Boys, written by Michael Diamond, Adam Horowitz, Adam Yauch

b...n...a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
2004 Total Run Time: 3:29

ArtRoyale 2007 The Games People Play Paul DiAnno’s Killers: “Wrath Child” Paul DiAnno’s Killers “Wrath Child” music video by Gerard Damiano
Created by Gerard Damiano for Paul DiAnno and his newly formed “Killers”, the video features footage of the band in rehearsal, blended together with DiAnno performing the song live, while still lead singer for Iron Maiden.

“Wrath Child” performed by Paul Di’Anno’s Killers, written by Stephen Harris, © Universal Music-Z Tunes LLC
bjn Attribution-NonCommercial
1992 Total Run Time: 2:55